Mount Cory, OH Train and Truck Collision, Sep 1963


Findlay (UPI) - Three persons were killed and three injured Tuesday in a $10 million collision between a Nickle Plate Railroad freight train and a truck loaded with gravel at a county road grade crossing at Mount Cory, 12 miles southwest of here.
The three diesel engines and 38 cars of the 70-car train were derailed, ripping up 1,000 feet of track. The railroad said preliminary estimates of damage range from $4 - $10 million.
Killed in the collision were:
A. A. DOYAN, 61, of Bellevue, Ohio, engineer of the train;
LARRY LEE MASON, 27, of Grand Rapids, Ohio, driver of the truck;
JAMES HENRY GARDNER, 57, of Lima, a passenger in the truck.
Injured were ROBERT O. FARR, 47, of Bellevue, the train fireman; LESTER ALBERT FRANCIS, 50, also of Bellevue, the brakeman; and TOM CEANEY, 67, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., a train equipment inspector.
FARR and FRANCIS were in satisfactory condition at Bluffton City Hospital. CEANEY was released after treatment for minor injuries.
Sheriff's deputies were searching each derailed car as they were pulled from the twisted wreckage to determine whether any transients might have been killed or injured in the crash. None had been found by early today.
Five of the 38 derailed cars were empty. The others, except for one carrying hogs, contained goods ranging from juice to tractors and machinery.
Witnesses said MASON never slowed his truck and the vehicle slammed into the third diesel of the train. In the resulting derailment,
freight cars were piled up to 40 feet high on top of each other, and hogs being hauled scattered through the area. Some were killed.
The railroad sent two wrecking trains and heavy bulldozing equipment to the scene to clear the wreckage. There was no indication of when the wreckage would be cleared, but the road was open to auto traffic late Tuesday night.

Marysville Journal Tribune Ohio 1963-09-11