Findlay, OH Oil Plant Fire, Feb 1911

After the Fire at National Oil Refinery Works, Feb. 12, 1911, Findlay, Ohio


Suffer $125,000 Loss in Fire with Threatens Big Conflagration.


FINDLAY, O., Feb 22. -- An all day fire, one of the most serious the city has seen in years, destroyed much property of the oil plants here and kept the firemen in constant fear of a terrible conflagration until a late hour tonight.

The blaze, which was discovered early in the morning, completely destroyed the large plant of the Paragon Insulating Co. and partially destroyed the plant of the National Refining Co. The loss will stand between $90,000 and $125,00 and is covered by insurance.

Heroic work of the city firemen undoubtedly prevented one of the worst explosions in the history of the city, as fire was practically driven back from a number of large ammonia tanks.  At a late hour tonight the fire was still burning brightly, several large tanks of oil lighting up the country for miles around.

The fire started when a vat of oil boiled over, communicating to some refuse in a pond near by  The entire department of the city fought the flames all day.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 12 Feb 1911