West Liberty, OH Train Wreck, Nov 1920

West Liberty, OH Train Wreck, Nov 1920 West Liberty, OH Train Wreck, Nov 1920 West Liberty, OH Train Wreck, Nov 1920 West Liberty, OH Train Wreck, Nov 1920



Collision at West Liberty, Near Bellefontaine, May Result in Death of Four


Investigation Into Cause of Crash Will be Started at Once.

(Special to the Plain Dealer)

BELLEFONTAINE, Nov. 25. -- Twenty-three persons were injured, four possibly fatally, this afternoon when a Big Four flyer, bound from Cincinnati to Detroit, ran from the main track into a switch at West Liberty, and crashed into a freight train.

In the head-on collision both locomotives were wrecked and the express car and a combination baggage and smoking car were hurled on totp [sic] the locomotives, then turned over.

The most seriously injured are the four enginemen of the two trains.

An investigation will be commenced at once into the cause of the wreck.  The freight train had just pulled into the siding. 

The accident occurred near the West Liberty station. The pasenger, [sic] a fast train, did not stop at West Liberty, which is two miles south of this city.

The Injured.

C. P. Collins, Bellefontaine, engineer of passenger train; seriously scalded

John Higgins, Bellefontaine, fireman of passenger train; shock and possible injuries.

F. A. Schultz, Bellefontaine, fireman of freight train; cut about head.

Allison Drake, Adrian, Mich., engineer of the freight train; injuries to head.

B. F. Wall, Saginaw, Mich; slight bodily injuries.

Mrs. Wall; suffering from shock.

L. J. Pollock, Cincinnati; shoulder sprained.

Margaret O'Neil, Dayton; injuries slight.

J. Gallagheer, baggageman, Sharon, O.: believed injured internally.

W. S. Filley, Toledo; back sprained.

Samuel Miller, Cleveland, 10409 Westchester street; slight injuries.

Emma Burchette, Detroit; ankle sprained.

Oliver M. Lau, Detroit; injuries to hips.

Jessie Ortan, Detroit; back and head injured.

Marie Born, Hepburn; suffering from shock.

Paul Drumm, Hepburn; arm injured.

Esther Clemans, South Charleston; arm sprained.

Beatrice P. Duke, Brooklyn, N. Y.; arm sprained.

Mary O'Mara, Detroit; suffering from shock.

B. A. Atkins, express messenger, Springfield; ankle and leg injured.

Theodore Goldsmith, Toledo; back injured.

B. A. Edgar, Louisville, Ky.; head and back injured.

Alonzo Ellison, Knoxville, Tenn., arm sprained.

The injured were brought to Mary Rutan hospital in this city. Many following first aid treatment were able to leave the hospital shortly after their arrival there.

A new train was made up here early this evening and continued the trip to Toledo and Detroit

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 26 Nov 1920


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