Cincinnati, OH Candle Co Fire, Sept 1889


Costly Fire is a Cincinnati Candle Factory---Narrow Escape of Millions of Dollars Worth of Property.

CINCINNATI, Sept. 27.---Shortly before midnight fire was discovered in the works of the Emery Candle company, located in the suburban town of Ivorydale. The fire was in the grease warehouse, a two-story brick building 100 by 130 feet. When discovered the flames had already gained such headway that it was impossible for the firemen to get close enough to throw on any water.

The entire building was enveloped in flames in a few minutes, and the reflection of the blaze illuminated the whole city. The fire was confined to the cooperage building by the firemen from St. Bernard, Elmwood and the local department of the Proctor & Gamble company. Just east of the warehouse, but a few yards distant from the fire, were five large oil tanks, each holding 4,600 barrels and all full. For a time there was imminent danger that the flames would reach these tanks, and had the fire reached them the consequent loss through the spreading of the oil to adjacent property would have reached into the millions. The falling in of the walls of the burning building alone is what saved the tanks. The loss is estimated at $100,000.

Mitchell Daily Republican, Mitchell, SD 28 Sept 1889