Reynoldsburg, OH Private Plane Crashes, Apr 1960


Columbus, Ohio (AP) - Five persons were killed Sunday when a small single-engine airplane plunged out of the sky onto a car traveling on U.S. Highway 40. Both the plane and car exploded into flames.
The crash occurred about 17 miles east of downtown Columbus and just east of suburban Reynoldsburg.
Three others, passengers in the car, were injured.
The dead included the two occupants of the plane, DELBERT CHARLES STILES, 23, and his wife, MONALEE, 22, of Columbus. STILES apparently was the pilot.
Also killed were RITA CECILE LYLE, 20; JIM VINGLE, 14, and JULIA JACQUES, 58, all of Columbus.
Reported in fair condition at St Anthony's Hospital here were DOROTHY VINGLE, 49, mother of JIM, and another of her sons, JOHN, 22, and LINDA ARMENTROUT, 14, all of Columbus. LINDA reportedly was a niece of MRS. VINGLE.
The plane, co-owned by STILES, had taken off from Buckeye Lake Airport about 15 minutes before the crash at 2 p.m. STILES and his wife had gone to Buckeye Lake to visit friends but, unable to find them, headed back to Columbus.
The plane was flying low over the home of Bill Colbert when it circled and doubled back in the direction from which it came.
"It looked like it was having trouble bucking the wind," Colbert, 28, said. "It looked like the wind was blowing it sideways. I thought it was going to hit the house."
"Instead it clipped a power line and fell straight down onto the back of the car."
"There was an explosion and then both the plane and car went up in flames."

Florence Morning News South Carolina 1960-04-25