Portsmouth, OH Rolling Mill Boiler Collapse, Nov 1855



Last evening, about 5 1/2 o'clock, one of the boilers in the new Rolling Mill, collapsed a flue, scalding JOSEPH COOK, a brick-mason, and JOSEPH SHAEFFER, his tender, who were building a furnace near the boiler at the time.
The cause of the accident is not exactly known. Mr. Williams, the foreman of the mill, thinks the top of the boiler may have been dry, while another gentleman thinks the flue was too large.
COOK is very badly scalded - some think dangerously.
SHAEFFER is not so badly scalded as COOK, but he has a bad cut across his forehead, made by a brick, it is supposed. We did not learn whether it had fractured his skull, but it is supposed not, as he is perfectly rational. The fireman's life was saved by a miracle almost. He had just opened the door of the flue under the boiler, when the flue collapsed. Had he opened it by standing before it, as they generally do, he would most undoubtedly have been killed. But being a new fireman that had just commenced work, he pushed the door open and walked past at the same time.
Both the men scalded, have families. They will not be able to resume work in the mill for five or six days. We deeply sympathize with the scalded men in the affliction and hope they may soon recover.
Portsmouth Herald.

The Jackson Standard Ohio 1855-11-22