Steubenville, OH Steam Packet EUTAW Explosion, Apr 1838

From the Pittsburg Advocate of April 26.

The Steubenville (O.) Union of the 24th inst. says:
"It becomes our painful duty to record a serious disaster which took place on board the packet Eutaw, yesterday morning, about 6 o'clock.
The boat was preparing to leave our wharf for Wheeling, in the performance of her daily trips, and the engine had made but two revolutions in backing out from shore, when by some cause two of the flues collapsed, which did great injury to the boat, and many persons on board.
The Clerk, MR. FULTON, was slightly scalded.
One of the engineers, MR. SMITH, badly scalded; we regret to learn his life is despaired of.
MR. O'NEAL, employed on board, had his skull fractured.
MR. VANOSDELL, a deck hand, was thrown overboard, and was drowned.
An individual, whose name we could not ascertain, is missing.
The concussion was so powerful, that one-half of the upper works of the boat, together with dry goods, &c. on the deck, were completely destroyed, or scattered upon the wharf, and several individuals standing on the wharf were overthrown by the shock. So far as we are informed of the particulars of this accident, it is attributable to the carelessness of the officers, and particularly the engineer.
Where are our laws for the protection of life on board steam-boats.

Vermont Telegraph Brandon Vermont 1838-05-16