Cincinnati, OH Trolley Wreck, Jan 1909


Pole Saves Car from Being Hurled Over Cliff----21 Hurt.

CINCINNATI, Jan. 30.---Motorman J. E. Mulligan was killed, Lieut. Poppe, Chief of Detectives, was probably fatally hurt, and a score of passengers were injured to-day, when a College Hill main-line car, with thirty-seven passengers, jumped the rails on Clifton Avenue, and crashed into a trolley pole and billboard.

Motorman Mulligan died at the City Hospital soon after reaching there. He did not regain consciousness. Dr. C. S. Rockhill, a professor in Cincinnati University, who was in the car, suffered severe injuries. He aided several other injured, hurried to his classroom, where he assigned examination work to a waiting class, placing the students on honor, left them and put himself in a surgeon's hands.

But for being stopped by the trolley pole and billboard the car would have been hurled over the crest of the steep cliff that overlooks the head of Elm Street. Motorman Mulligan and Lieut. Poppe used their utmost endeavors to stop the car, persisting in their effort until crushed in the wreck.

Poppe, on reaching the hospital, sent at once for Chief of Police Milliken, having official matters which he wished to report before death, which he seemed to believe was imminent.

The New York Times, New York, NY 31 Jan 1909