La Rue, OH Auto Wreck, Jun 1905


Richwood Young Lady Thrown From Machine


In Attempting To Pass a Buggy the Automobile Is Run into a Ditch and Topples Over on Its Side--Accident Occurs Three Miles South of LaRue, Sunday Afternoon.

Miss Ina Zuspan of Richwood was badly hurt and Miss Maud Shute of this city and James H. Sanders of Richwood narrowly escaped serious injury in an automobile accident three miles south of La Rue, Sunday afternoon about 2:30 o'clock. Miss Zuspan sustained a severe injury at the base of the brain and was rendered unconscious: Miss Shute suffered a sprained left wrist and Mr. Sanders escaped without a bruise.

In attempting to pass a buggy, Mr. Sanders, who was driving the machine, turned too far to the side and the machine toppled on its side in the ditch, the three occupants being thrown out.

Miss Zuzpan was picked up unconscious and carried to the farmhome of Sherman Guthery, where Dr. Sifritt of La Rue attended her injuries. Miss Zuspan revived sufficiently to be removed to her home at Rchwood[sic], Sunday night, and is believed to be out of danger. The skull was not injured.

Mr. Sanders who owns the automobile, formerly lived in Marion and is well known, having been the manager of the Marion Talking Machine company on south State street.

The Marion Star, Marion, OH 10 Jun 1905