Cincinnati, OH Pike's Opera House Fire, Mar 1866 - The Ruins


Pike's Opera House is in ruins. Portions of the front wall have fallen into Fourth st., and the entire rear and side walls are a mass or rubbish. The Enquirer newspaper office, with all its contents, is completely destroyed.

The fire spread across Baker street, to the Adams' Express stables and to several building on Third street, but is now well subdued. The total loss will reach $2,000,000. The loss of Mr. Pike is estimated at one million dollars, upon which he has an insurance of only $38,000.

Very little property was saved from the buildings, except the money and papers in the office. The actors lost all their wardrobes. Adams' Express Co., saved their money and valuable packages, but everything else was lost.

Among the sufferers are R. W. Carroll & Co., book publishers, Wheeler & Wilson, sewing machines, A. C. Peters & Co., music store, Strawbridge & Girlich, lithographers, Bryant, Stratton & Dihous, commercial college, Harfles mercantile printing house, T. P. Holbyu, boots and shoes, S. Holmes & Son, paper hangers, S.P. Baldwin, pianos, T. W. Langley, cigar dealers, and the Buckeye billiard saloon.

The fire broke out about a half an hour after the audience had been dismissed. Its origin has not been fully ascertained, although the supposition is that it was occasioned by the explosion of gas. The fire spead[sic] so rapidly that in five minutes after the explosion the whole building was in flames. This event somewhat dampens the spirit of the community.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor, ME 24 Mar 1866