Cleveland, OH Street Car-Ambulance Wreck, Sept 1904

Car Hit Ambulance.

Hurry Run to Hospital to Save Man’s Life Interrupted by a Collision.

Hogan & Co.’s ambulance making a run to the Cleveland General Hospital with a man who was injured at the Union Station, was run into by a Cedar Avenue car at Erie street and Euclid avenue last night about 7:45. The ambulance had nearly cleared the track when the car struck it. The driver was thrown from his seat to the pavement, alighting on his shoulders.

The ambulance was going at a speed rarely reached on a run to a hospital. The occupant of No. 249 Case avenue, was a baggage man in the employ of the Lake Shore at the Union Station and he was knocked down by a very heavy truck. It was thought he could not live, and the ambulance men were making the best possible speed to place him on the operating table at the hospital.

Erie street above Superior is generally filled with pedestrians and vehicles, and the driver of the wagon kept his gong going continually. A Wade Park car was standing on Erie at the corner of Euclid as the ambulance rushed up to the crossing, and it is though the driver was unable to see the Cedar avenue car bound for the square.

The car was partially around the curve when the ambulance was upon it. The car caught the wagon on its fender and tipped it. The driver was thrown over the dashboard, but the wagon righted itself, and the horse continued down Erie street. Spectators caught it in front of the Rose building and held it until the driver arrived and took charge of it.

The street car was in charge of Conductor C.E. Leclear and Motorman H. S. Mackly. They say the ambulance men were not ringing their gong as they approached the crossing. Spectators, however, say the gong was ringing loudly.

Glover, the injured man in the ambulance, was placed on the operating table at the Cleveland General Hospital. Several ribs were broken by his accident at he station, and he had received internal injuries. He will probably recover, it was thought last night.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 12 Sept 1904