Sparta, OH Runaway Accident, Jun 1900

Hurt In Runaway.

Cantonians Take Pleasure Drive To Sparta - Dog Frightens Horses.

Messrs. Burt Smith and Walter Woodworth and the Misses Lena Myers and Nellie Smith, all of this city, were the victims of an exciting runaway at Sparta about 10 o’clock Tuesday evening. The young people drove to Sparta to visit friends. While driving through the town a dog ran in front of the team of horses. The horses became frightened and giving a jump broke a tug. Then they started to run. The neck-yoke slipped and Woodsworth, who was driving was unable to control the steeds. The next instant the buggy was upturned and the occupants were thrown out. The horses were stopped after they had gone but a short distance. The members of the party were all shaken up considerably by their fall. The first three fingers of Burt Smith’s right hand were badly sprained and were at first supposed to have been broken. The buggy was damaged and the party were compelled to remain in Sparta overnight.

The Evening Repository, Canton, OH 20 Jun 1900