Beach Woods, OH Train-Carriage Wreck, Jun 1897


Wife of a Portage County Farmer is Instantly Killed by a Train.

Special to the Plain Dealer

RAVENNA, June 11.—Early this morning the farmers in the vicinity of Beach woods prepared for a neighborhood picnic and started for Twin lakes with their wives, expecting to spend the day fishing. They had almost reached their destination, when the procession of carriages started to cross the Cleveland & Pittsburg railroad track. H. S. Kellogg and wife and W. French and wife got over all right, but Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Thorp were not so lucky. As they attempted to cross the track an extra freight train, running at terrific speed struck them. Mrs. Thorp was instantly killed and the husband was only saved by hanging on to the lines and being pulled out of danger by the horse.

A Ravenna undertaker brought the remains of Mrs. Thorp to this city this afternoon. The back of her head was crushed in. The neighbors accompanied their stricken friend back to his home.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 12 Jun 1897