Petersons Station, OH Train Wreck, May 1893


A C. H. & D. Freight Crew Jump for Their Lives

South bound freight train No. 43 on the C H & D ran into two large trees which were blown across the track a mile and a half south of Peterson's station, south of Piqua.

The train was in charge of conductor Tom Durbin, engine 266 controlled by engineer Sam Hartsing, and was running at a high rate of speed when the trees were discovered by engineer Hartsing, who whistled down brakes, opened the sand pipes, reversed his engine and told fireman Finnicle to jump, at the same time leaping him self. Finnicle receive a cut in his right eye ball and several bruises by falling. Engineer Hartsing had his left leg bruised, and Brakeman Geo. Critten was badly stoved up by jumping.

The three injured men are at their homes in this city, and will be laid up for several days. The engine dragged the tree several hundred feet when the front brakes left the track. The pilot was broken into kindling wood, together with the headlight and markers. After some delay the engine was gotten back onto the track, and she is now, in the repair shop being fixed up.

Lima Times Democrat, Lima, OH 24 May 1893