Chillicothe, OH Fire, Nov 1845

Louisville Morning Courier and American Democrat newspaper, Louisville, KY 1844-1846

Monday 24 November 1845

Destructive Fire at Chillicothe - The Chillicothe Ancient Metropolis, EXTRA, of the 19th instant, say a fire broke out in that city, on the previous night , between 11 and 12 o'clock, in the building on the corner of Paint and Main streets, occupied by Douglas & Lansing, Duggists, the Scioto Gazette Printing office and Miller's Confectionary. This building was entirely destroyed, with 7 or 8 frame ones adjoining, as follows:

The dry goods stores of Sultzbacher and Hern,
John Ewing's saddler shop,
the Advertiser Printing Office,
Gibbs & Robinson's tailorshop,
Churchill's boot and shoe shop,
C. C. Allen, the proprietor of the Gazette lost everything in his office.

The press of the Advertiser office and most of the type were saved.

The other establishments succeeded in rescuing a portion of their goods from the flames, though in a damaged condition.