Washington Court House, OH Saw Mill Boiler Explosion, Jul 1889



WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, Ohio, July 19.--At 5:30 o'clock this evening a portable saw mill engine of twenty-five horse power of H. P. Duvall make was pumping out water from wells for the new water works in process of construction. Suddenly the boiler went to pieces with a terrible report.

The dead are Fred W. Worrell, the engineer, who was torn to pieces, and Nathaniel Taylor of Bloomingburg, who was badly mangled. The injured are John Taylor, (colored) both leg broken; Samuel McClean, bruised badly; Daniel Hopkins, (colored) bruised slightly; George Rowe, arm injured badly; James Harper, side bruised badly; William Lemott, Bridgeport, Ill., a bystander, head and ankle badly bruised.

Johh P. Morton, contractor for the construction of the water works, was hurled with great force several yards against a tree. He sprang to his feet and helped the others until he fell and became unconscious, in which condition he was at 8 o'clock tonight. The boiler was hurled through the forest for 150 yards and the fire box was sent 100 yards in the other direction. The cause was an overheated boiler, low water, and an inexperienced engineer, Fred Worrell, who lost his life in the casualty.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Jul 1889