Kenton, OH Storm, May 1886

Around Kenton.

Cleveland, O., May 15. – A Kenton, Ohio, special to the Leader says: One of the most terrible and damaging storms ever known in this section of country passed over the northern part of this county last night about 11 o’clock, and its pathway is marked with widespread destruction and death. The storm commenced on the farm known as the WHITESIDE farm, about eight miles north of the city of Kenton. On it stood a new brick two-story house, which now lies in ruins. From this point the storm moved eastward, destroying life and property. A barn owned by HENRY GERLACH was blown off its foundations. The orchard of MICHAEL ZIGLER was totally destroyed and the roof blown off his barn. The houses belonging to JAMES FISHER and T. M. SURPLUS were totally destroyed and members of the family badly hurt. Mr. McEWEE was struck by lightning and instantly killed. The church known as the HIGGINS church was blown flat to the ground. David HIGGINS’s house was shattered. A school house in the center of Jackson township was entirely destroyed. A new barn belonging to W. H. FLEMING of this city was blown into fragments. The damage cannot be estimated, but it will reach into hundreds of thousands.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 16 May 1886