Kunkle, OH Tornado, May 1894


Further Details of the Terrible Cyclone in Ohio.

KUNKLE, O., May 19. --- Four persons were killed and two others fatally injured in a great cyclone which passed through the farming district a short distance from here yesterday afternoon. The dead are DANIEL BARNETT and wife, MARTHA DASHO and GEORGE OXINGER, CHARLES COLE and wife will both die.

For a distance of six miles a strip a quarter of a mile wide is laid in waste. Houses, fence lands trees are all destroyed. There is not even a trace left of the BARNETT house. The body of MRS. BARNETT was carried almost half a mile, being terribly managled [sic].

At Alliance the storm was the worst experienced in years. The wind blew over sixty miles an hour. Much minor damage is reported. At Cleveland, thousands of windows were broken by hail and many runaways were caused. The damage amounts to several thousand dollars.

The revised count of dead and injured by the Kunkle tornado shows four dead and three fatally injured. The fatally injured are: MARTHA DAZE, skull fractured; CHARLES MOORE, aged 25 both hips dislocated, several ribs broken and internally injured; MRS. ELLA MOORE, his wife, serious bodily injuries.

These are all expected to die. Besides these casualties, MRS. ELLA EVANS, who lives a mile east of the track of the tornado, is missing. She started from Kunkle for home an hour before the tornado struck and has not yet been heard of.

One of the most gruesome incidents was the finding of a gory human heart lying in the cemetery between two overturned tombstones. It belonged to MRS. BARRETT, whose body was torn to pieces and distributed over three 40 acre fields.

The tornado passed through only the southern edge of the village, levelling [sic] everything south of the tracks of the Detroit division of the Wabash, which passes through the place. Much small damage was done to houses in the main part of the village, however. Had the storm gone 200 yards further north it would have utterly wiped out Kunkle and killed the greater portion of the people.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1894-05-26


Names and info

Daniel Barnett is BARRETT, his 2nd wife Martha Dasho is DASO, her first married name.

Charles Moore didnt die until 1911 and his wife Ella died in 1959. They had one daughter in 1898.