Ashtabula, OH Train Wreck & Bridge Disaster, Dec 1876 - Saved and Wounded

Correct List of Saved and Wounded....

A. E. Hewitt, Bridgeport, Connecticut, slightly

J. C. Earl, Chicago, ditto;

B. B. Lyons, New York, safe;

R. S. McGlee, residence not given, safe;

Mrs. Anna Graham, New York, slightly;

John J. White, Boston, leg broken;

Mrs. William H. Bradley, Chicago, slightly, child and nurse, dead;

C. D. Marmandville, Albany, head and stomach;

Mrs. M. Bingham, Chicago, leg broken;

Wm. B. Sanderson, Auburn, Missouri, slight;

Robert Monroe, Rutland, Massachusetts, head back and leg;

A. Burnnam, Milwaukee, slight;

Mrs. W. H. Lew, Rochester, slightly;

B. Hazleton, Charleston, Illinois, probably fatal;

V. Nausman, dangerous, residence not given;

Miss Mary Frame, Rochester, probably fatal;

C. E. Jones, Beloit, Wisconsin, slight;

J. M. Martha, East Avon, ribs broken;

Peter Seevenboro, fireman, slight;

Andrew Gibson, Carey, Ohio, slight;

Henry W. Shepherd, Brooklyn, N.Y., leg amputated;

John J. Tabor, Chicago, slight;

F. Osborn, Michigan, head;

Richard Harold, Cincinnati, slight;

Mrs. F. A. Davis, near Indianapolis, not hurt;

J. A. Thompson, California, head;

Dr. C. A. Griswold, Fulton, Illinois;

A. Maillard, California, back and head;

D. H. Clark, Mass;

F. A. Ormsby, Boston, head, slight;

Miss Marion Shepard, Wis., safe;

C. H. Tyler, St. Louis, hand broken;

R. Austin, Chicago, burned;

Alexander Morris, Somerville, Mass, leg broken;

Walter Hayes, Lexington, Ky., dangerous

J. W. Lobdell, N. Y.;

Charles S. Carter, Brooklyn, N. Y., slight;

H. T. Tomlinson, Bridgeport, Connecticut, arm and leg;

G. M. Reed, Cleveland, injuries not given;

C. N. Gage, Charleston, Illinois, fatal, died;

Thomas Jackson, Waterbury, Connecticut, back and head;

Louis Beauchate, Kent's Plains, Connecticut;

Chas. C. Richard, Biddeford, Maine, arm, head and leg;

P. B. Lewellins, Illinois, head, severely;

Alf. H. Parsloe, Wood's Museum, Chicago, shoulder;

J. E. Burchell, Chicago, slight;

G. D. Folsom, engineer;

Mabel Arnold, North Adams, Massachusetts, slight;

H. L. Brewster, Milwaukee, slight;

Edward Trueworthy, Oakland, California, rib; his brother is supposed to be killed;

B. Hern, conductor, safe;

H. D. Champlain, Cleveland, legs hurt;

Bernard Sawyer, Chesterfield, Essex county, New York, head and internally;

Henry A. White, Westhersfield, Connecticut, back and head;

George A. White, Portland, Maine, slight;

Alex. Hitchcock, Port Clinton, Ohio, severe, head and legs;

Mrs. and Mrs. Swift, North Adams, Massachusetts, slight;

Mrs. Frank Eastman, Rochester, New York, probably fatal;

Frank Coller, Elmira, New York, dangerous;

Thomas C. Wright, Nashville, Tennessee, serious, hip, etc.;

Charles Patterson, unknown residence, probably fatal;

J. M. Mowry, Hartford, Connecticut, ribs.

The Dead List can only be ascertained when it becomes gradually apparent that those who were known to have been passengers on the ill-fated train do not make their appearance.

Bliss, the Evangelist, Among the Killed. Chicago, Dec 30.-- Private dispatches confirm the report that Mr. [Peter P.] Bliss, wife and two children were killed by the Ashtabula disaster. Mr. Bliss was extensively known as a singer and evangelist.

Removed to the Hospital. Cleveland, Dec. 30. -- A. Gibson of Cairo, R. Austin of Chicago, C. Demonconhill of Davenport, and John Salor of Chicago, were to-night removed to the Cleveland hospital.

Burlington Hawk Eye, Burlington, IA 4 Jan 1877