College Hill, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1890


Five Lives Lost in an Ohio Railroad Collision.

CINCINNATI, O., Jan. 17. --- At 7:10 this evening, as the Glendale accommodation, bound for Cincinnati, was leaving the station at College Hill junction, the Chicago vestibuled train ran into the rear of the accommodation.

There were three passenger cars on the Glendale train, containing about seventy-five persons.

The locomotive of the Chicago vestibuled train ran half way through the rear car of the accommodation, piling the passenger cars in a heap and setting them on fire. At present writing four persons have been taken out dead from the wreck.

The wounded are now on their way to this city, where they will be taken to the hospital. The number of fatalities and injuries, considering the completeness of the wreck and the number of passengers, is reported to be comparatively small. Several persons were rescued fatally injured.
BOB STEVENSON, baggagemaster of the vestibuled train, was badly hurt and died shortly after being placed in the patrol wagon.
The body of JOHN WILSON, superintendent of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, has been identified as one of those burned up.
The engineer of the vestibuled train is seriously hurt.

Castle Rock Journal Colorado 1890-01-22


Thank you for posting

John Wilson was my great-grandfather. I've been trying to track down an account of the circumstances of this wreck for years.