Cincinnati, OH Fulton Area Fire, Aug 1884

Destructive Fires.

Ten Dwellings And A Lumber Yard Consumed-

Cincinnati, Ohio, August 15, 1884.-An alarming fire occurred this afternoon in the eastern part of the city, known as Fulton, where houses occupy a narrow strip of land between the river and hill. The flames started in the sawmill of Henton & Cole, on the river bank, near the boiler, which exploded and sent burning firebrands in every direction. The extremely dry weather made everything exceedingly combustible, and in a few minutes almost the entire square, covered by lumber, was ablaze. The fire soon reached the new cattle sheds of the Little Miami Railroad, and they were consumed, and several small dwellings adjoining them also fell prey to the flames, the occupants escaping with difficulty, and carrying away only their lightest articles of furniture. There was a lack of water, and the firemen not only worked at a great disadvantage, but a number of cases of exhaustion from heat among them are reported. The loss of Henton & Cole is placed at $60,000; no insurance. The loss on the ten dwellings destroyed will aggregate $15,000, on which there is a small insurance.

New York Herald, New York, NY 16 Aug 1884