Cincinnati, OH Business Section Fire, Feb 1903

Cincinnati OHIO Area of Fire of 1903.jpg

He threw it to the ground and a newspaper man picked it up. The firemen placed a ladder across the narrow alley from the telephone building and carried him down. He was sent to a hospital.
The Pike Theatre was one of the oldest playhouses in Cincinnati. It belonged to the Pike estate, and Powell Crossley was the general lessee. The building was totally destroyed in 1866, and it was partially burned on March 30 last.
Miss Henrietta Crosman's company had been playing at the Pike. MIs Crosman was called up with other guests at the Burnet House, and saw the burning of her company's effects. Even the company's share of receipts from a crowded house last night were destroyed, with valuable jewels and tokens belonging to the star.
The heaviest losses as computed tonight are:
American Book Company, $375,000; insurance $200,000.
Pike Building, $475,000; insurance, $150,000.
Seasongood Building, $25,000.
Harrison Building, $125,000.
Fosdyk Building, $25,000.
Robert Clark & Co., publishers, $450,000; insurance, $150,000.
Duhme Brothers jewelers, $75,000.
Richter & Phillips jewelers, $50,000.
Joffee grocers, $75,000.
Strauss's wholesale cigar store, $75,000.
Pike Theatre Stock Company, scenery, $10,000.
Henrietta Crosman Company, scenery and costumes, $20,000.
Howard Saxby (Saxby's Magazine), $10,000.
Included in the losses are valuable book plates and works of art.

New York Times New York 1903-02-27