Toledo, OH Fishing Boat Accident, Apr 1910


Toledo, O., April 2[ineligible],---Staggering from exhaustion and barely able to resist the insidious flames which had overcome his companions, Ben Hesselback, wheelsman of the fishing boat, E. E. Hall, lone-handed, worked the vessel over an 18-mile course and brought the three unconscious members of the crew into the Ironville dock in time to save their lives. Overcome by the leaking of burnt gas from the engine, Steve Morgan, William McN[ineligible] and Jerome Earl were taken from the cabin of the boat in a serious condition. Hasselback was at the wheel and did not know the plight of his companions until he went to the cabin, when 18 miles out in the lake, and found them lying unconscious. Though affected himself, Haselback was able to call assistance when he reached the dock.

Mansfield News, Mansfield, OH 23 Apr 1910