Cleveland, OH Boiler Explosion, Nov 1882



By Associated Press to the Herald.
Cleveland, Neb. 13. -- About 5 o'clock this afternoon the boiler in the Forest City Iron Works exploded with terrific force, killing four men and seriously injuring four or five others, and slightly wounding half a dozen more. The wonder is that a larger number were not killed, as nearly three hundred and fifty men were at work in the building, which is open at the ends and sides, all under one roof. The boiler was eighteen feet long and forty-two inches in diameter. A large part of the roof was torn off, and fragments of the boiler were hurled a great distance. The cause of the explosion is unknown.
The killed are:
WM. ATKINS, master machinist of the works, top of the head blown off, both legs wrenched from the trunk and body horribly mangled.
D. WRIGHT, from Wyandotte, looking for work, top of his skull cut off as with a knife and brains scooped out clean.
JOHN GALLAGHER, furnace man, skull broken across the forehead and internal injuries.
JOHN WILLIAMS, first engineer, head smashed and body mangled.
ATKINS, WRIGHT and WILLIAMS were killed instantly. GALLAGHER lingered three hours.
GALLAGHER leaves a widow and WILLIAMS leaves a small family.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1882-11-14