Hillsboro, Oh, Horse Accident, May 1939

Hillsboro, Oh, Horse Accident, May 1939

Well-Known Resident Hurt In Farm Mishap

Harry HIESTAND Injured Severely When Thrown Off Horse Pulling Sled

Harry HIESTAND, well-known Hillsboro resident, was painfully injured in an accident at his farm west of town, Saturday morning. Mr. HIESTAND was removing a double-shovel plow to a field across the highway, using a sled to convey the plow. He was riding the horse used in pulling the sled. Just inside the field the horse became scared at a piece of paper.

The horse jumped, throwing Mr. HIESTAND under its feet. The animal ran some 40 feet before it stopped, dragging Mr. HIESTAND between the plow and the horse. Mr. SHANKS, who lives nearby, was with the local man and stated that the plow went end over end, passing over Mr. HIESTAND’s body at least six times.

Mr. SHANKS ran to the local man’s assistance when the horse stopped. Mr. HIESTAND was unconscious and was literally covered with blood. He was removed to his home on Elm street in the Stockwell ambulance and attended by Dr. J. D. MCBRIDE.
Mr. HIESTAND suffered severe lacerations on the top of his head, which required 11 stitches to close. He also suffered a bad gash on his left arm and severe chest injuries.

The injured man is resting comfortably at his home and states that outside of being quite sore he is getting along satisfactorily.

The Press-Gazette, Hillsboro, OH 30 May 1939