Plymouth, OH Train - Buggy Wreck, Mar 1901


Struck By a B & O Express at Clark's Crossing--Son Injured, Horse Killed and Buggy Demolished.

Plymouth, March 7.--Wednesday evening as Samuel J. Ebersole and his eldest son, L. V. Ebersole, were returning home from Plymouth the buggy in which they were riding was struck by B & O passenger train No. 16, south-bound, due here at 5 p.m. at the crossing of the Bucyrus road, three miles south of this place. The Ebersoles live about one-half miles west of the track at this point.

For some reason the parties did not heed the approach of the train and just as the horse got squarely on the track the engine struck it and carried it about 200 feet, south, literally grinding its head off.

The buggy was reduced to kindling wood and the two occupants were thrown fifteen or twenty feet. The father struck on his head and his skull was broken in like an egg-shell, but the son was saved as by a miracle, having only a badly-sprained and bruised arm to remind him of his escape. Happening as it did almost at the door of John A. Clark's country home, assistance was at hand immediately.

The train was backed up to the scene of the accident and the crew carried the body to Mr. Clerk's home and the train then proceeded on its way south.

Mr. Ebersole was a well-known farmer, living near this place most of his life. He was about 55 years old, a widower, and has three sons to mourn his sad fate. From what is learned there is no blame attached to the company.

This is one of the most dangerous crossings in this vicinity as the track can not be seen on either side until directly onto the track. It is far worse approaching it from the east, as these parties were, than from the west.

Several years ago Dr. Tucker and ex-County Treasurer Thomas Willett were very nearly caught at the same crossing. Their horse was about to step onto the track as a train passed, but the doctor pulled the reins quickly to the right and the horse stood almost at a right angle with the conveyance while the train sped by.

The coroner, Dr. Bushnell, of Mansfield, and Constable Winters arrived at 11:01 today to hold an inquest in the Ebersole case.

The Mansfield News, Mansfield, OH 7 Mar 1901