South Covington, OH Train Wreck, Apr 1872

Accident on the Short Line Railroad.

The passenger train on the Short Line Railroad, due here on Saturday night at 9 o'clock, came in two hours behind time in consequence of an accident that happened to it in South Covington. As the train was passing that point, running at a moderate rate of speed, the engine jumped a switch and ran off the track, turning over on its side. The express and baggage cars were thrown square across the track, but were not much damaged. The engine can be repaired at a cost of probably $700. The passenger cars all remained on the track, and were uninjured. The passengers were considerably jolted by the sudden stoppage, but none of them, so far as we could learn, were hurt in the least. John Branner, the fireman, was a little jarred by jumping off the engine, and Henry Zell, train boy, was slightly hurt. It was thought at first that the engineer had been killed by jumping off the locomotive, and the conductor went back some distance with a lantern in search of him, but when found he was dampening down the fires under the boiler and letting off the steam. The track will be cleared of obstructions this morning, and trains will run as usual to-day.

Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH 15 Apr 1872