Uhrichsville, OH Drownings, May 1934


Uhrichsville, O., May 7 -- While his bride of 15 days looked on, FREDERICK PIERCE, 29, of Barnhill, was drowned in a futile attempt to save a girl cousin from similar death in the Tuscarawas River, five miles west of here late yesterday.
PIERCE, a miner, went to the aid of MISS CATHERINE WILLIAMS, 15, a student at Midvale High School, when she stepped into a deep hole while wading in the river. Caught in a death grip as the girl struggled in the water the rescuer was dragged to his death.
MRS. MARGARET PIERCE and the girl's parents, MR. and MRS. WILLIAM WILLIAMS of Barnhill, watched helplessly from the shore as the two went down. The bodies were recovered a short time after by police.
PIERCE and his wife were married at Sedalia, Mo., a fortnight ago and had motored to New Philadelphia last Tuesday. The young husband was to have started work at a mine near here today.

Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 1934-05-07