Cincinnati, OH Sinton Hotel Fire, Jan 1952

Sinton Hotel Cincinnati OHIO.jpg


Cincinnati, Jan. 13 (AP) -- A fire burned through the top three floors of the Sinton Hotel's annex early Sunday, killing at least two persons.

An hour and a half later, Capt. George Pearcy, night police chief, said the blaze was out and firemen were "positive everyone is out of their room."

The dead were RAYMOND HATRACK, Mount Carmel, Pa., and an unidentified Air Force officer.

HATRACK was believed to have jumped from either the eighth or ninth floor and landed on a third floor roof separating the annex from the hotel proper. He died in the receiving ward of General Hospital.

It was not immediately determined how the Air Force officer died.

At least nine persons were injured, including two firemen. They were taken to General Hospital.

About 350 persons were registered in the hotel.

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1952-01-13