Newburg, OH Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum Fire, Sep 1872

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Cleveland, O., Sept. 25. -- The Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum, situated at Newburg, seven miles from this city, caught fire at one o'clock today, caused by sparks from a small furnace used by the men in tinning the roof near the dome of the building, and the flames spread so rapidly that the whole structure was on fire before the engines, which had been telegraphed for to this city, could arrive and stay the progress of the flames.
By four o'clock the main or old portion of the building was completely destroyed, nothing being left except the walls, some of which had already fallen. There were about 600 inmates in the building at the time of the fire, all of whom are said to be safe. A number of them have escaped and are now at large. All those who could be secured were locked up in churches and other places in Newburg until accommodations can be provided, which is now being done by placing as many as possible in the House of Correction, City Prison, Infirmary and Jail of this city. Perhaps 400 will be furnished temporary quarters in this way. The casualties are confined to attaches of the asylum and citizens of Newburg. MISS WALKER, a seamstress of the institution, was roasted alive, almost within reach of friends who could render her no assistance on account of the heat and want of proper facilities. BENJAMIN BURGESS, who went in the building to bring out a relative has not been heard of, but it is hoped he is still safe. A boy, name unknown, who had a leg broken and was otherwise injured, will probably die. Several others were badly burned.
It is believed three or four are lying in the debris, which is fifteen feet deep, and it will require time to get the bodies out, if any. The extreme east and west wings of the asylum are not entirely destroyed, the walls being in good condition; they can and will be speedily repaired. The culinary department, laundry, dining hall and engine room are mostly not damaged. The loss is not known, but will approximate to $350,000. It is said there is no insurance.

The Daily Republican Decatur Illinois 1872-09-26


casualty list

Was a casualty list ever published for the victims of the Newburg Ohio Lunatic Asylum fire of 9/1872? If so can it be found on the internet?
Looking for my g-g-g grandfather.

Much Thanks for any assistance.