Nevada, OH Train Collision, Dec 1910

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(By United Press.)
Upper Sandusky, O., Dec. 24. -- Three trainmen and three passengers were killed and a dozen other passengers injured in a collision of a Pennsylvania express train and Pullman passenger train No. 15 from New York to Chicago, at Nevada, near here, this morning.
A solid despress eastbound crashed into the westbound flyer. The west bound track was blocked by a stalled freight and the westbound passenger took the eastbound track and stopped under orders. The eastbound express should have also stopped but came on in a blinding snow storm and crashed into the westbound.
The tower man should have signalled the train to stop but whether he did or not is not known.
The dead are:
H. C. FRIEDSTEIN, of Chicago.
CHALRENCE C. MILLER, student engineer of Fort Wayne.
GEORGE H. HORTON, baggagemaster.
DEWITT C. BEEBE, baggagemaster of Ft. Wayne.
C. C. CRAIG, engineer on the express.
The injured include two trainmen and half a dozen passengers. None are seriously hurt.
The impact crumpled the engine and the first Pullman in the passenger train, being of wood construction, buckled up and the passengers were crushed in their berths.
Relief trains were rushed from Ft. Wayne and Bueyrus and local physicians rushed to the aid of the injured.
The wreck took place on a curve and the trains came together head-on.
The engineers of the eastbound trains are reported to have disregarded the block signals.

Portsmouth Daily Times Ohio 1910-12-23