New Waterford, NS Tenement Fire, Jan 1949



New Waterford, N. S. -- Nine children and a man died today in a tenement house fire that swept unchecked because occupants of the building, in their excitement, forgot to turn in a fire alarm.
By the time a neighbor a block away turned in an alarm, the ten victims were trapped in the blazing, two-story, wooden building. Fire department officials said some of the children might have been saved had firemen been called earlier.
The dead were EDWARD WISEMAN, his daughter, MARY, six, and the eight children of MR. and MRS. WILLIAM McKEIGAN. They were BARBARA ANN, three months; AGNES, four; FLORENCE, five; ALBERTA, nine; RUSSEL, ten; EARL, thirteen; GRETA, fifteen; and ELLA, seventeen.
The fire broke out shortly after five a.m. in the McKEIGAN home. MRS. McKEIGAN, who was preparing breakfast, roused her husband and their neighbor, WISEMAN.
The two men tried unsuccessfully to save the children, WISEMAN dying in the attempt.

Middletown Times Herald New York 1949-01-28


New Waterford Fire - 1949

Hello, Marie.

Sorry that I did not reply much sooner but, until my niece, who lives in Vancouver emailed me, I had no idea that anyone had read my comments. She sent this to me just, today. God bless your dad. 99 years old! That was a very tragic time in history for all of us and it is something that I think about quite often. I wish you and your family all the best. God bless you!
Rose McDougall


Hi Rose,I lived in the house behind your place.....I was a Gallant. 12 th St......I was seven years old and we watched the fire standing in our bathtub father Danny is now 99 and still lives in that house.He remembers your family very well and the horrible events that took place that dreadful day that you lost so many siblings.Just thought I would touch base with you as we often recall the day of the fire.Marie Gallant

Kind words touched my heart!

THank you so much for your kind words, grandson. This shows me just how grown up you are becoming. Even though, I lost so many family members when I was so young, I now have you and all of my other grandchildren to love. You all bring me so much comfort and joy. I love you very much (littleboo).

Nanny (Rose McKeigan)

McKeigan Family Disaster in New Waterford.

Thank you for your comment, honey. At least now I have YOU and my other grandchildren to love. You all bring so much joy and happiness to my life. Stay safe, strong and happy. God bless you, always. My "littleboo".

Love you much. Nanny.

Sorry that you had to go

Sorry that you had to go throught that nanny :(.

New Waterford FIRE

Please note that I am the McKeigan child that is mentioned in this report. My maiden name was Rose Marie McKeigan. Also, note that I never had a sister Lillian; my sister's name is Lorraine Rita McKeigan and she was born AFTER the 1949 fire that claimed the lives of my brothers and sisters. My mother and father had a total of 14 children. I had an older brother, John, that died from diptheria before the fire and my mom lost one or two children during childbirth..

Thank you.