Nova Scotia Forest Fires, Jun 1873


Fire in the Forests.

HALIFAX. June 5.---Heavy fires are raging in the woods in different parts of the province The woods in the vicinity of Liverpool have been on fire two days, and last evening has been done in Picton [sic - should be Pictou] county. The fire has swept from the west branch of the river John to Black river, and on the east branch of the river Johnson, for a distance of twelve miles, destroying everything. The woods through which the fire passed is one of the most valuable in the country.

Little Rock Daily Republican, Little Rock, AR 6 Jun 1873


....The forest fire in Nova Scotia is still raging in all directions. The town of Milton, Queens county, is in imminent danger. A hole bored down No.1 slope of Drummond Colliery reveals no indication of fire.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 7 Jun 1873