Oak Island, NS Treasure Hunters Overcome By Gas, Aug 1965


Oak Island, N.S. - (AP) - A six-year $200,000 hunt for a legendary pirate treasure has ended in death for ROBERT RESTALL, his son and two others.
The four men died Tuesday on tiny Oak Island, off Nova Scotia's south coast. They were overcome by gas in a shaft 27 feet deep, one of about 200 bored by treasure seekers in the past 170 years.
Two treasure hunters who escaped from the shaft thought the men were overcome by "swamp gas." Others theorized that a gasoline pump engine over the mouth of the pit had filled the hole with carbon monoxide.
A fifth man was pulled unconscious from the pit, and two others climbed to safety before they were overcome.
The dead were ROBERT RESTALL, 59, of Hamilton, Ont.; his son, ROBERT, JR., 24; and CYRIL HILTZ, 22, of Martin's Point, N.S., and KARL GRAESER, about 40, a mineralogist from Massanpoqun, N.Y.
RESTALL was convinced he had found the key to the network of tunnels and shafts where legend says Captain Kidd and other pirates hid treasure worth between $30 and $200 million.
"I talked to him last night," said Peter Beamish, a teacher from Andover, Mass., who was treasure hunting himself. "He was really excited. He was sure he had it this time."

Ogdensburg Journal New York 1965-08-19