Canso, NS Steamer TIBER Wrecks, Mar 1902




Halifax, N.S., March 16. -- The wreck of the Dominion Coal Co's. steamer Tiber has been found off White Point ledges, five miles west of Canso. The news was brought to Canso by lobster fishermen returning from the fishing grounds.
The steamer is below the water, and pieces of wood and other wreckage floating about led to the discovery. The wrecked steamer is a considerable distance from the shore. No trace of the crew has been found and it is likely that they have all perished.
The steamer left Louisburg, C.B., on Feb. 26, with a cargo of 1900 tons of coal for Halifax, and nothing more was heard of her until March 2, when some wreckage and lifeboat buoys were found in the vicinity of Whitehead. The Tiber was commanded by Capt. HENRY BOULANGER of Quebec, and carried a crew of 20 men. It is probable that a wrecking steamer and divers will be sent from Halifax to ascertain if there are any bodies in the steamer.
As soon as the news reached Canso several boats started out for the ledges. They returned, last evening, and report that the fare boom is above water, and that the bow can possibly be seen six feet below. It is impossible to say what condition the steamer is in, as there are no divers in Canso, and it is not known whether she is broken badly or not. The fishermen think that there are a number of bodies in the steamer. Nothing can be done until divers arrive.
It is supposed that the Tiber struck on the ledges, March 2, and then fell off and sunk in deep water. There was a violent storm, that night, and it would have been impossible for any of the crew to make a landing.
The agents here give the following as a corrected list of those who were on the steamer:
H. BOULANGER, 41, Quebec, captain.
S. SIMARS, 31, Quebec, first officer.
S. J. BURKE, 41, Cape Breton, second officer.
G. LEMILIN, 40, Levis, chief engineer.
OCTAVE LABARGE, 42, Levis, second engineer.
A. D. INTOR FORTIN, 29, Levis, third engineer.
FRANK ROBERTS, 19, Cape Breton, steward.
PHILEMAS SAMPSON, 28, L'Islet, cook.
NICOL ANTOINE, 18, France, mess room steward.
JOSEPH GRIFFIN, 35, North Sydney, seaman.
BOSARIO LEBARGE, 19, mess room steward.
Z. GRANT, 18, Boston, trimmer.
A. LEBLANC, Little Bras d'Or, 24, seaman.
ELZINS LEFRANC, and E. ELI RICHARD, 24 and 21, Magdalenis, N.S.
A. McDONALD, 28, Louisburg, carpenter.
JOSEPH MARI CALISH, Spain, trimmer.
JEFFREY BOUDROT, 18, seaman, of Arichat.
EMILLE PANQUIN, 27, seaman, Quebec.
L. N. CARTER, 31, fireman, Quebec.
THOMAS HEARN, 25, trimmer, St. Johns, N.F.

Halifax, N.S., March 16. -- No further particulars of the findings of the wrecked steamer Tiber at White Point ledges, Canso, reached this city, today. Tug boats will go out to the scene of the wreck, tomorrow, but no arrangements have as yet been made for sending divers down. The North Sydney steamer Gulmare was wrecked on the same ledges seven years ago.

Boston, March 16. -- The Tiber was not on the Boston route of the company, and little is known of her here. The name of Z. GRANT, trimmer, is not in the Boston directory.

Daily Kennebec Journal Maine 1902-03-17