Kenmare, ND mine accident, Aug 1908


Cable Gives Way and Miners Fall 120 Feet - Both Badly Injured.

Kenmare, N. D., Aug. 25. - An accident occurred yeaterday at the Soo min, about seven miles west of here which is a miracle in that it did not cost two men their lives.

John Robinson and William Henderson, two of the mine employes, had just entered the hoisting car, and were making preparations to lower it into the mine when the cable gave way and they dropped through space striking the bottom 120 feet below, with a sickening thud. The steel cable, then freed, unwound itself and dropped upon the two now helpless men, cutting them severely about the head and face.

As soon as the accident was discovered a temporary hoist was made and the men were raised to the surface and a hurry call telephoned for Dr. McLean. It was found that Henderson had received a severe cut upon the right knee, another on the calf of the leg and was pretty badly used up generally. Robinson is perhaps the more injured of the two, having received some injuries internally, besides a sprained back and several severe cuts about the head and face and was broght to Kenmare in the afternoon. However, both men are now doing nicely and no serious results are anticipated.

The Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND, 25 Aug 1908