Drake, ND Train Wreck, Dec 1909

Drake, North Dakota Train Wreck, Dec 17, 1909


Engines Completely Demolished and Crew Sustained Injuries.

Herald Special Service.

Bismarck, N. D., Dec. 17. -- Running 35 miles an hour, the Soo fast passenger train west-bound crashed into a freight train at Drake, a station a hundred miles east of Minot at 4:30 Thursday afternoon.  The freight had come in off the branch and pulled down to the water tank on the main line. The passenger was running six hours late and the branch train had no orders on it.  The engineer of the passenger evidently did not see the freight until the crash as there was a heavy storm raging at the time and it was impossible to see more than a few feet.

In the crash both engines were completely demolished as were two passenger cars and a number of freight cars.  Engineer Bickerd and Fireman Gardner of the freight were both badly bruised and scalded but it is not stated that the injuries will prove fatal or more than ordinarily serious.

The blame lies entirely with the freight crew as they had no business on the main line without orders.  Traffic was not delayed as the wreck occurred inside of the passing track. The wrecker was still working this evening getting the wrecked cars and engines on to flat cars for shipment to the shops.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 18 Dec 1909