Bowbells, ND Freak Hunting Accident, Sept 1905

Bone Blown From Arm.

William MALYOU of Bowbells, Probably Fatally Wounded.

Bowbells, N. D., Sept 16. – William MALYOU, proprietor of the Malou livery barn at this place, was the victim last evening of a hunting accident in the hills twenty miles west of here.

With three companions he went to the hills yesterday afternoon to hunt ducks. It appears that he left his comrades at one slough and started to drive over a hill to where there was another slough. When he arrived at the top of the hill he stopped his team to look for the birds.

The team became nervous and in making a short turn the carriage was cramped and the gun, a double-barreled hammer shotgun, was discharged. The entire charge entered his left arm just below the shoulder. The large bone in the arm for four inches was blown out and his arm left in a terrible condition.

He was brought to town and the only chance of saving his life is amputation, and that seems impossible owing to his weakness. He is about 40 and unmarried. He has been a resident of Bowbells several years, coming here from Canada.

Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks, ND 17 Sept 1905