Charlotte, NC Auto Accident, Jan 1907


Mischievous Boys Place Big Rock in Road and Mr. Draper, Returning From Gastonia, at Night, Injures His New Machine.

Mr. A. J. Draper, secretary and treasurer of the Chadwick, Hoskins, Louise, Calvine and Dover Mills, is the latest addition to the increasing ranks of the Charlotte Automobile Club, he having recently purchased a fine $1,800 Franklin car.

While on his way back from Gastonia several days ago, Mr. Draper had the misfortune to have the heavy tire on his eft[sic] rear wheel badly cut. He was speeding over the macadam roads of Gaston county at a rapid rate about dark, when his car suddenly lurched to one side as if he had run over a log. At the same moment a gang of boys who had been lying hid beside the road rushed out, yelling and whooping. Mr. Draper did not lose control of his car and came on to Charlotte without further mishap. But on investigation he found that one of his new tires that one of his new tires had been badly cut. As a result the machine had to be sent to the shop for repairs. The obstruction which had been placed in the road was a sharp heavy boulder which, in the semi-darkness, was overlooked.

Charlotte Daily Observer, Charlotte, NC 29 Jan 1907