Kinston, NC Two Car Collision, July 1964


Kinston, N.C. (AP) - Ten persons were killed early Sunday in the worst highway accident in North Carolina since 22 migrant farm laborers died in a two-truck collision near Fayettevile seven years ago.
Five white persons, returning from a dance, and five Negroes, four of them migrant farm workers from Alabama, died when two cars collided with such force engines of both were pushed back into the front seats. Two persons, one in each car, survived.
State Highway Patrolman E. M. Moore said the pre-dawn crash occurred two miles east of Kinston on U.S. 70 when a auto slid into the path of a 1959 Buick carrying six white persons.
The white victims were all from the Snow Hill area, about 15 miles north of the crash scene in east-central North Carolina about 100 miles southeast of Raleigh.
The white victims were identified as THAD HARRIS, JR., 41, a storekeeper of Maury in Greene County, N.C.; DONALD AARON WADE, 25, a farmer of Rt. 3, Snow Hill; MRS. DORIS HARRIS SMITH, 42, a widow of Rt. 2, Walstonburg in Greene County; STEPHEN LYMAN KEARNEY, 41, of Rt. 3, Snow Hill, a farmer identified by the highway patrol as the driver of one car; and MRS. MARY DENTON SPEIGHT, 34, a widow of Rt. 2, Stantonsburg in Greene County.
The Negro victims were EARL McMILLAN, 16; MARY POWELL, 16; JAMES DOUGLAS POWELL, 22; and OLLIE POWELL, 14, all of Castleberry, Ala., and JAMES A. CONNER, 26, of Rt. 2, Dover, N.C., near Kinston.
Survivors were MRS. FAYE KEARNEY WADE, 22, wife of DONALD WADE, and GRACIE MAE CONNER of Rt. 2, Dover, N.C., identified as the driver of the other car. Both were hospitalized in critical condition.

The Robesonian Lumberton North Carolina 1964-07-27