New York, NY Ferry Boat SECAUCAS Wreck & Fire, Aug 1910


Vessel, Drifting, Crashes Into Ship and Dock.


The Secaucas, of the Lackawanna Line, Gets Beyond Control and Collides With a Pennsylvania Railroad Boat, and Then Rams a Coal Pier-Fire Breaks Out and Adds to Alarm of Passengers.

Special to The Washington Post.
New York, Aug. 2.-Twice drifting helpless, and later afire, the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western ferryboat Secaucus this afternoon made an exciting trip from Hoboken to New York, taking an hour and a half in passage and landing a number of frightened pasengers [sic] and fainting women. The injury was confined to one deckhand, who was knocked senseless by a snapping hawser.

The Secaucus started from her slip at the foot of Fourteenth street, Hoboken, on a regular trip and almost immediately the captain discovered that he had lost control. The ferryboat drifted down the North River, narrowly missing several small craft, and crashing into a Pennsylvania Railroad ferryboat, which was being repaired there. Large chunks of the Pennsylvania boat were knocked off before a tug could be run alongside and attach a hawser to the Secaucus. The tug started to tow the ferryboat back when the hawser parted with a vicious snap, a loose end knocking a ferryboat deckhand insensible. The Secaucus was immediately “wild” again and started to drift rapidly down stream.

Smashes Into Coal Dock.
Five tugs steamed eagerly around the ferryboat, prepared to give assistance. They towed the Secaucus back to the slip and as she entered, the captain shouted that he had control again, and the tugs cast off.

No sooner had they done so and the ferryboat struck out for herself, then she commenced drifting again and smashed violently into a coal dock on the Jersey side, near Castle Stevens. On this drift down stream, the ferryboat just missed collision with a boat bound for Coney Island.

When the tugs took hold again an alarm was given that fire had been discovered in the engine room, and the frightened passengers were thrown into a more violent panic. The ferryboat crew calmed them while the blaze was extinguished, and the ferryboat, suddenly righting herself, proceeded finally under her own power to the Twenty-third street, New York. pier, arriving there an hour and a half late.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 3 Aug 1910