Craggy Mountain, NC Rattlesnake Bite, Sep 1877


The Asheville (N.C.) Pioneer says:
"On Thursday of last week, while a number of colored persons, both male and female, were digging for medical roots in the Bee Tree range of Craggy Mountain, one of their number, named ELVIRA SENECA, better known as VIRA LYTLE, was struck by a rattlesnake upon her right leg, just below the knee. Her screams brought several persons to her side, who killed the snake, and then rendered the unfortunate woman all aid in their power. With the new of keeping the poison from communicating with her body, a cord was tied tightly around the wounded limb, just above the knee. They then started for the nearest settlement, about three miles off, the woman walking. When about half way she became exhausted, and had to be carried. When they arrived at the nearest house some whisky was procured, and about a quart and a pint administered, but without beneficial effect. In a short time the poison penetrated her entire system, and she was a frightful object to behold; her body was swollen to twice its natural size, and her legs and arms were puffed to double their ordinary proportions. In this condition the woman survived 24 hours, during which time she suffered the most terrible agony."

New York Times New York 1877-09-16