Labrador, NF Bomber Crash, Feb 1953

B-36 Crashes In Labrador

FORT WORTH (AP)--A. Carswell-based B36 bomber crashed and burned 16 miles from Goose Bay, Labrador, just before midnight Thursday night.

Three crew members were killed, six suffered major injuries and eight others were slightly injured.

The giant bomber, returning from a flight to England, was making a scheduled stop en route to Carswell.

First reports from Goose Bay indicated the bomber was preparing to land when the accident occurred.

The weather was reported clear and unrestricted.

A C47 flew to the scene and a two-man para-rescue team jumped to render aid.

Deep snow prevented the landing of aircraft and early this morning Air Rescue Service helicopters evacuated the dead and injured.

The plane was one of 14 returning to Carswell. Two others remained in England as planned.

Those with major injuries are:

Maj. Cephus W. Godsey, first navigator;
M. Sgt. John A. Zajas, first radio operator;
M. Sgt. Herman J. Schrubbe, second radio operator:
M. Sgt. Robert W. Yankaskas, gunner;
M. Sgt. Edward Trybon, gunner;
and S. Sgt. Harry E. Schweitzer, in-flight maintenance mechanic.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 13 Feb 1953