Newark, NJ Plane Hits Chimney, Mar 1920



Newark, N. J. -- Miscalculating the height of his plane from the ground, WALTER SHERLOCK, 26 years old, of 26 North Eighteenth Street, East Orange, an aviator in the aerial mail service, crashed into a brick chimney of the Tiffany & Co. jewelry factory in the Forest Hill section of Newark, late yesterday afternoon and was instantly killed. SHERLOCK was gliding to make a landing at Heller Field, and Eastern aerial mail terminus, which is about fifty yards from the factory.
The aviator struck the chimney several feet from the top and the impact sent bricks flying in every direction and several employes of the factory who were working in the yard narrowly escaped them. SHERLOCK was alive when he was finally extricated from the wreckage, but he died a few minutes after he had been removed to the dispensary of the factory.
This is the second fatality at the field since it was opened last Fall. Pilots have complained about the danger of the field, which is small and does not permit pilots much space in manoeuvring for landing and taking off.
SHERLOCK was piloting a Martin plane. During the war he served in the Royal Flying Corps with the rank of Captain.

The New York Times New York 1920-03-31