New York City, NY Elevator Accident, Mar 1920



CELSO AZEVEDO, 20 years old, of 562 West 144th Street, was instantly killed last evening on the sixth floor of the West Side Branch of the Y. M. C. A., West Fifth-seventh Street, near Eighth Avenue, and was caught between the floor of the car and the top of the door of the elevator shaft. AZEVEDO, a native of Brazil, employed as an interpreter by the National City Bank, with six other members of the organization came out of the gymnasium on the upper floor a few minutes after 6 o'clock on their way to the dining room on the ground floor.
An elevator in charge of ELMER COLLINS stopped. COLLINS announced he was going to the tenth floor, but would take the party aboard on the return trip. As he was closing the door the young men started to jump into his car.
All of them managed to get safely inside the car except AZEVEDO, who had just placed one foot on the floor of the car when it shot up, carrying him with it. Before COLLINS could stop the car AZEVEDO was crushed between the floor of the car and the steel framework at the top of the elevator door. When AZEVEDO'S companions tried to extricate the body it fell seven stories to the basement. DR. CRAIG, from Bellevue Hospital, declared AZEVEDO was dead before his body plunged through the elevator shaft.

The New York Times New York 1920-03-31