Post Roads Crossing, NY Train-Automobile Accident, Jul 1911


Frightful Accident Near Syracuse When Fast Train Strikes an Automobile.

ALBANY, N. Y., July 1. - H. G. Newell, of Trenton, N. J., and his wife and son, aged 16, were instantly killed tonight when the automobile in which they were riding from Trenton to Syracuse was struck by a Boston & Albany pssenger train at Post Roads crossing, about 20 miles east of this city. A daughter, Marion, is in a critical condition from injuries received. Mr. Newell was driving the car. Mrs. Newell was caught by the cowcatcher of the locomotive and dragged about 200 feet before the train could be brought to a stop. Her body was reduced to a pulp.

Mr. Newell was caught under the overturned machine and crushed to death. His son Clifford was projected in front of the locomotive, the wheels of which cut off his right leg. He died soon afterward.

The impetus of the car at the moment of the collision projected the 14-year-old daughter beyond the railroad track. She was badly bruised about the face and body and suffered a deep gash over the spine. She is expected to recover.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 3 Jul 1911