Rhinebeck, NY Storm and Flood, Oct 1869


Great damage has been done here. Every bridge on the suburbs of the village, north, south, east and west, has been carried away, and the streams are fearful swollen. The one north of the village, known as Hogg's Bridge, a wooden structure, broke from its fastenings at 8 A. M. Hager's Bridge, a new and beautiful stone structure, half a mile west of the village, between there and the depot, is nearly entirely destroyed. It cost $3,000, and was consider strong. A bridge south of the village, known as the Mill Bridge, is also gone. Mr. KELLY's farm bridge was partially washed away this morning. LUDIKA's saw-mill, also located south of the village, was started from its foundation but was afterward chained fast. Three hundred sawlogs and a stack of hay were, however, carried away by the freshet. The bridge east of Rhinebeck is also reported gone, so that the village is cut off at present from all communication with the outer world. The damage entire is estimated at $10,000. All the post roads are badly washed and present a desolate appearance.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Oct 1869