New York, NY Drowning Rescue, May 1908


Two Men in a Rowboat Upset by Steamship's Wash.

A rowboat in which two men were rowing for the New York shore was caught in the wash of the steamboat Toschester, off Fiftieth Street, in the North River, early this morning, and so big was the swell caused by the steamboat that the rowboat capsized, throwing the occupants into the water. One of the men in the boat, Patrick Crotty of 508 West Fifty-third Street, was rescued by Policeman Michael Quinn of the Third Sub-Precinct, who was in a crowd on the Tolchester, while some unknown person rescued the second man.

Quinn, who was off duty, jumped from the deck of the Tolchester and reached Crotty as he was going down the second time. He held him above water with one arm and swam forty yards to the shore with him. Quinn and Crotty were attended by Dr. Cartmel of Roosevelt Hospital, after which they went home.

The New York Times, New York, NY 31 May 1908