Troy, NY Phoenix Hotel Fire, Oct 1851


Between four and five o'clock on Sunday morning, a fire broke out in the storeroom adjoining the Phoenix Hotel, on River street, Troy, but was subdued quickly upon the arrival of the firemen.
Before the conflagration was discovered, a dense volume of smoke had penetrated the upper rooms, nearly suffocating some forty German lodgers, who were asleep at the time.
A servant girl named ANNA HIGGS, says The Times, precipitated herself from a window in the third story upon the sidewalk, and was very badly bruised, but we learn no bones were broken. MRS. HILKE, (wife of the proprietor,) dropped her child from the second story window on the north side of the the building, into the arms of a gentleman who was standing on the platform. She then jumped out herself, and neither she or child was injured. WM. WAGONER jumped from the third story on the south side, broke through the stoop below, and was badly bruised. T. RITER, jumping from the same window, hirt his ankle badly. MICHAEL SULZER, from same window, passed through the stoop and was badly injured in the breast. Another man, name unknown, jumping from same window, broke his leg. J. LUMBIE, CHAS. JOHNS, and several others, were more or less injured, cut and bruised. It is astonishing that the persons who jumped from the windows, were not worse injured. Their escape with life is all but a miracle.
The fire was soon put out after arrival of the firemen, but injury was done to the furniture, &c., to the amount of about $400 -- fully insured. Damage to the building, estimeted $150.

The New York Times New York 1851-10-15