Sheepshead Bay, NY house fire, Dec 1909


Incendiary Fire Destroys Summer Cottage of Retired Broker.

The Summer home of William C. Gluck, a retired broker, at the intersection of Nostrand and Emmons Avenues, Sheepshead Bay, was totally destroyed by fire last night. The police of the Sheepshead Bay Station suspect it was caused by an incendiary. The house was a three-story brick, of twelve rooms, and was in a fashionable district. It was directly opposite the house of Robert Greenwood. His brother, Charles, leaving that house at about 9 o'clock last night, saw a flash in the basement of the Gluck house. He ran back for his brother, thinking of burglars. When he and Robert Greenwood came out again armed with pistols, every window of the house was alive with flame.

Two policemen, Dinean and Whalen, came in answer to the cries. They burst in the doors and ran up to the top floor. The heavy wind had set everything blazing below them, and once there they could not get down till firemen brought ladders. Deputy Chief Lally came on the second alarm, and on account of the wind all he could do was to save the valuable houses on either side. The Gluck house was unoccupied.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Dec 1909